Live at Lola: Acidez (mex) + support 25 juli
juni 12, 2018
Sheesham, Lotus & Son live in Lola’s 17 augustus
juni 12, 2018

Live at Lola: Dayglo Abortions + Golers 28 juli


Dayglo Abortions

Few punk bands have remained in business for as long as the veteran Canadian band, Dayglo Abortions, has. Since 1979, the band (in one configuration or another) has been
offering up no-holds barred punk rock, as well as some truly over-the-top (and unforgettable) album cover artwork/images. DayGlo Abortions have developed a unique
and ferocious sound that few have successfully imitated. Legends to some, degenerate drug addicts to others, the Dayglo Abortions remain one of the most controversial yet
influential punk groups of all time. And the lads are back to the attack with their first EU tour in 5 years. Currently comprised of members Murray Acton AKA “The Cretin” (guitar and
vocals), Willy Jak (bass), and Blind Marc (drums), Sketchy (guitar) this new line-up combines their unique blend of catchy punk rock, heavy metal, comical humor, and pissed off political
rhetoric, with lyrical content that challenges and disputes the verities of modern life. Classic Dayglo Abortions
style goes hand in hand with feelings of their anti-social nihilism attitude. Overall, this is the band’s best line-up since the 80’s!!


The Golers ( Inbred Militia )

GOLERS has built up momentum over the course of 4 albums and many tours.
1999’s “South Mountain Style” ushered in the classic Goler sound combining most, if not all
extreme metal styles with punk and thrash into one cohesive sound.
Next up was 2004’s “2nd Generation”, which showcased a slightly more polished sound and
with these two albums they began to gain a following in their hometown of Vancouver BC
and surrounding cities.
2009 saw the release of their 3rd album “Backwoods Messages” which has helped spread the Goler
word further.

”In ‘n’ Outlaws” is the first new material from GOLERS since 2009’s ”Backwoods Messages”.
The band hit the legendary MUSHROOM STUDIO’s [R.I.P.] with Producer/Engineer/Manager ROB SHALLCROSS (GENE HOGLAN, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, WEST OF HELL) in 2012-2013 to record the new release slated for release this summer.
Bringing their very own brand of hardcore crossover thrash with a punk edge, this Inbred Militia has shared the stage and toured Europe and North America with such acts as TOXIC HOLOCAUST, KREATOR, THE ACCUSED, NAPALM DEATH, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, DAYGLO ABORTIONS and DESTRUCTION.
The GOLERS bass player STUART CARRUTHERS, a.k.a. JOHNNY GOLER, was once recruited by DAVE LOMBARDO for his project GRIP INC. The other GOLERS have been playing with themselves for years!
GOLERS have this to say about their new release:
“We are very proud of our newest album “In ‘n’ Outlaws”, it’s a fine example of what we consider to be “THE GOLER sound”. It’s FAST, EVIL, PUNK-METAL!!!”