Live at Lola: We Bless This Mess [Full Band] + Sister May 18 november
augustus 1, 2018

Live at Lola: Screamin’ Rebel Angels [US] + Dolltones 20 november


Live at Lola: Grade-A Rockabully from the US of A!

Screamin’ Rebel Angels’ unrelenting and infectious original Rock ‘n Roll has kept the dance floors pulsing, and roofs rattling across stages, airwaves and turntables around the globe since 2011!

Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, this trio’s untamed live performances are high-octane adventures that invoke the primitive energy of 1950s Rock ’n Roll infused with the soul of early Rhythm & Blues, and invigorated with the raw power of garage punk.

Fronting the band is the true rebel angel, flame-haired beauty Laura Palmer, a versatile multi-instrumentalist well-respected in the world-wide rockin’ musical community.

Equally adept at slapping out the rhythm on an upright bass or picking on a big ol’ Gretsch, Laura Palmer’s on stage presence and powerful vocals command your attention, and delivers on the dime an exhilarating performance that will leave you breathless.

Paired with seasoned professionals and energetic upstarts, the on stage chemistry and skill of Screamin’ Rebel Angels stirs up the same rebellious spirit that first electrified fans at the genres inception, and brings it to a contemporary position for new generations to fall in love with the primal excitement and passion of Rock ‘n Roll.

Screamin’ Rebel Angels are preparing to record their third record for release in Fall 2018 on Laura Palmer’s new record label, “Wrapped in Plastic,” and Laura is also in development for a Television program to be released in July 2018.


This Rockabilly/Rock’n’Roll sensation from the North of Holland will bring some Honkin’ and Tonkin’ to your tuesday!


Doors: 21:00
Damage: 5€