Live at Lola: the Henhouse Prowlers (US) + Shitfaced Mermaids 9 mei
augustus 1, 2018

Live at Lola: Swamp Candy + Shabby cabs 10 mei


Live at Lola: a steaming night full of Blues/roots with:

Something heard at almost every one of their shows: “I didn’t know that I liked this kind of music. What do you call it?” …… The answer? “SWAMPCANDY!”
With 270-225 shows a year since 2011 including multiple tours of the eastern US, UK and Ireland, 4 full length releases, 2 Ep’s, 1 studio release and 1 live full length video release on the way Swampcandy is not sure what sleep is.
A band that has a crowd pounding their fists through tables one minute and sitting silently on the edge of their seat the next, Swampcandy is dirty and sweet, brash and thoughtful, simple and complex. It’s true stories that are made up just for you. It’s pig drinkin’, whiskey eatin’, foot clapping’, hand stompin’, american music. Their roots are fermented in American mud, primitive blues, pre war folk sounds, field hollers, gypsy jazz, and ragtime. Steeped in influences from Robert Johnson to Radiohead. Their sound is distilled in a boiler of mercurial energy that swirls with tempo changes and dynamic peaks and valleys, holding the ear and refusing to let go.
But that’s not all folks….. Ruben Dobbs is the guitarist/vocalist and the creative force of this 10 year old project and has no allegiance to any genre. Performing in best interest of the song is always his objective. His pallet is vast and augmented by the skills of full/part time members and other creative partners behind the scenes. Joey Mitchell is the full time upright bass/kick drum/percussionist and has played the lions share of the last 1600 plus gigs with Dobbs as a duo. All who witness a show say the the same thing “They sound like a 4 or 5 piece band”. He is a disciplined disciple of jazz, classical, and punk rock. He has the objective ear that leads to the less than typical arrangements of their tunes. He has also revolutionized the percussive possibilities of the upright bass as an instrument. Gina Cottey brings a stiking feminine element that is both strong and welcoming with her featured lead vocals and harmonies. Her ability to nail multiple harmonies in a series of single passes have left recording engineers stunned. Percussionist/drummer/multi-instrumentalist Dominic Fragman can hardly be described… no really just look him up HE.IS.A.FREAK.


de heren van Shabby Cabs zijn terug!
sterker dan ooit! met een nieuwe setup een een beste tas vol met blues/roots tunes die je bij zullen blijven.
Oude roestige Amerikaanse taxi’s komen vaak ‘shabby’ over, maar oordeel niet te snel, want met veel kilometers op de teller zijn ze op veel plekken geweest. En ondanks de krassen in de lak zijn ze vastberaden en onverwoestbaar. De band Shabby Cabs komt uit de stad Groningen en speelt Americana, folk, singer-songwriter en inmiddels zijn ze versterkt met drums en basgitaar. Van huiskamers tot mainstages op festivals, Shabby Cabs is van alle markten thuis. Met verschillende akoestische en elektrische gitaren en meerstemmige zang, zorgt Shabby Cabs ervoor dat menigeen recht in het hart geraakt wordt. ‘Enjoy the ride!’


DJRwin will be spinnin’ his vinest selection of blues and americana.

Doors: 21:00
Entree: 6€