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Live at Lola: MANTIS [BE] + The RG’s [BE] Monkey Juice [BE] 5 april
augustus 1, 2018
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Club Maca & Roni presents: Plastic Soup 30 maart
augustus 1, 2018

Live at Lola: Temple Fang & RUV 4 april

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Live at Lola: 70’s style Space-rock! (ex Death Alley)

Het Amsterdamse Temple Fang is de nieuwe band van Dennis en Jevin (ex-Death Alley). Zij combineren het beste van seventies rock met americana, aangevuld met spacey sounds en cleane vocalen. De band herbergt bovendien twee linkshandige gitaristen die samen goed zijn voor fijne harmonieën. Voor fans van The Grateful Dead, Captain Beyond, Blue Öyster Cult, Hawkind en Monster Magnet.

RUV is BACK in Lola!
on tour with their new Album ‘U’
At a time when many Dutch rock bands seem to give in to it, it is an reassuring thought that the new horde is ready to take over. Meet RUV: a hungry pack of wolves from the eastern parts of the Netherlands. Call it Hard Rock, Grunge and/or Blues Rock: RUV is not shy to feed itself from multiple genres and certainly does not let itself be put in a cage.

The chemistry between Ruud Gielen (drums), Jeroen Nielen (vocals / bass) and Jim Zwinselman (guitar) is one of crushing order. Biting themselves into the stage, they are ready to chase the audience with a fiery show. One thing may be certain: RUV stands for a strong dutch wind in the stormy rock landscape.

The RUV pack has a strong territorial drive and has its nose set on the entire European continent. After their debut at the Ribs & Blues festival, RUV opened up for Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown, Vandenberg’s Moonkings, Ten Years After and The Goo Goo Dolls. After a sold-out release of the mini album ‘R’, RUV prepared for i.a. Bevrijdingsfestival Overijssel, Zwarte Cross and they devoured many stages in the Netherlands and Germany.

After the festival season of 2018, the trio began writing to the successor of ‘R’. Together with producer Sebastiaan van Bijlevelt they dived into the Galloway Studio for ‘U’. With the new album they are ready to hit the stages in 2019. Not because they think they belong there, but because it is in their nature.

Doors: 20:00
damage: 6€