Live at Lola: The Void Union [US] + Radicle – [Skasjock DJ team] 28 april
augustus 1, 2018
Live at Lola: Phantom Winter [DE]- Grim Van Doom [DE] – Moan 26 april
augustus 1, 2018

Live at Lola: The Backyard Band [DE] + The Black Burned BBQ Boys 27 april


this kingsday Lola serves you the spiciest Bluesrock you’ve ever tasted! with:

these killers from Köln are bring a big bag of bluesrock with some punk drizzled on top!
expect a high octane show with harmonicas howling and guitars growling!
no kingsday party is complete without a couple of Germans wondering why everyone is tipsy and orange 😀

their new Abum ‘Dry’ will be out soon so keep your eye out for these guys.

Black Burned BBQ-Boys,
a collective of men who mastered the fine arts and then masterded the art of Rock’n’roll!
hauling from the local art academy where theve had some legendary partys that got a bit out of hand, these hot and flamin’ BBQ boys broke free of the academy have rocked the planks of Huize-Maas, Betonbos, and Kroeg van Klaas just to name a few.
expect a wel seasoned mix of Chicago style rock ‘n’ roll, roots music and country!

were working on one more act that will be announced soon! we’ll keep you posted.

DJ: DJ Boppin Cooter Brown will be jockying the discs tha will make you turn and twist!

Doors: 19:00
and its totally GRATIS! just the way the Dutch like it!