Live at Lola: Phantom Winter [DE]- Grim Van Doom [DE] – Moan 26 april
augustus 1, 2018

Wolfrik / Paranoid state / the Affect Heuristic / Reaching north 25 april


Live at Lola:

A combination of all things Punk, Metal and Thrash. Complex yet catchy, melodic, heavy and nothing short of a good time. Hailing from Edmonton Alberta they are ready to travel the world and connect through their music. Skeleton City [Recorded at Velveteen Audio by James Banks and mastered at West West Side Music by Alan Douches] is the first EP from this five piece Canadian band. Full of fast riffs, it quickly grabs your attention and takes you for a ride. Opening for bands like: Protest The Hero, A Wilhelm Scream, Norma Jean, Belvedere, Skeletonwitch, and The Black Dahlia Murder they have learned from some of the best. Young and eager to play, Wolfrik hopes to end up in your city soon.


is an intense and gritty post-hardcore band featuring (ex) members of Tense Reaction, Vitamin X, El Camaro and Karel Anker & De Joden.


The Affect Heuristic

We are The Affect Heuristic. A metal infused Punk band with a penchant for buffoonery and playing shows.
Mixing DIY and punk ethics with a slightly unhealthy obsession with metal, ex/current members of many bands have come together to write catchy and technical music.


Reaching North
Reaching North is a 4 piece band from Utrecht. They combine grunge, post hardcore and ambient soundscapes to form their own unique sound. The band started as a project of Tjerk Goselink (guitar). With a few song concepts, he found guitarist and singer Daniel van Boom, and they wrote their debut EP ‘The Roche Limit’ (out April 2019). Shortly before recording, drummer Pim van Hemert joined the band, followed by bassist Jimmie Feld, putting Reaching North in their current line up. Their first single ‘shadows’ will be released in March of 2019.

DJRwin will spin, the finest punkrock from the bottom and top of the bin!

Doors: 20:00
Damage: 5€
TICKETS: https://lola050.stager.nl/web/tickets/298825